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Summer Strength & Conditioning Program

Objective of Program: 

At the Toronto Sports Academy, an emphasis is placed around developing the athletic qualities centered around an individual’s goals. Through a focused strength and conditioning program, not only will the athlete receive the tools to enhance their abilities to perform in their sport, a holistic approach to training will be taken in order maximize their potential. Within each workout, there will be an emphasis placed on mastering the fundamental skills related to athletic development as outlined in the Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD). All athletes will be supervised by a certified strength and conditioning coach during the 75-minute session, to ensure that each movement is executed with the highest integrity. 

Focussing On: 

1. Speed, Agility, Quickness and Coordination – Running mechanics, acceleration, deceleration, linear and multi-directional speed 

2. Strength and Power – Developing upper and lower body strength, integrated core training, jumping, plyometrics and medicine ball training 

3. Conditioning – Preparing athletes for the conditioning demands of their sport 

4. Recovery and Regeneration – Self-myofascial release therapy, flexibility and mobility 

Contact Shawn Wilson-Lockwood for more information at or 416-283-8924