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Sports Academy at Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre



Team Oriented · Scientific · Sport Specific · Innovative

We provide athletes with a comprehensive strength and conditioning program focused on improving athletic qualities and reducing the risk of injury.  Our efforts are to maximize an athlete’s true potential while supporting them in their long-term development and success!

All programs are tailored around the needs of each individual athlete offering the most effective program possible. We centre our program around educating and empowering athletes with the necessary skills to improve their overall athleticism and performance. These skills include, but aren’t limited to movement mechanics, speed and agility training, strength and power development and the necessary conditioning for their sport.

The Sports Academy coaches hold years of experience working with a wide variety of athletes, ranging from the grassroots to the professional level. The coaches create a no-nonsense, motivating and fun training environment through programming that blends together the art and science of athletic performance.

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