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Sport Academy at Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre

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What is it?

The Sports Academy at Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre is a training program for teams. It provides teams everything they need outside of the field of play to improve performance including strength & conditioning, cross training, nutrition, athlete monitoring and combine testing. The program is led by our head strength & conditioning coach Greg Lewandowski and follows the specific LTAD for the individual sport. 

Day Program

The Day Program is an individual day where teams and classes come to TPASC to participate in fully structured programming. The length of the day will vary from 3 to 8 hours with optional meals provided.

The Day Program will also be an introductory program for teams interested in the Recreation or the Curriculum Programs.

Recreation Program

The Recreation Program is a weekly or monthly program where teams and classes come to TPASC to experience a new recreation activity with each visit. A session will include any of the modules in the day program, and always ends with a cool down in the pool.

The recreation program is great for teams looking to train outside of their field of play, but do not need a full strength and conditioning program. 

Curriculum Program

Teams and clubs can choose to participate in the curriculum program. The curriculum program offers teams everything they need outside of the field of play training. Curriculum can be designed for off season, half season , full season, or year round. Athletes may come to TPASC 1 or 2 times per week, depending on workload. Curriculum is designed with the coach while following the Long Term Athlete Development  athlete development model from Sport Canada for the specific age of the athlete.

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