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Fitness Centre - CSIO
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Fitness Centre - CSIO

Our partner, the Canadian Sport Institute of Ontario, has allowed our members to use their world-class facilities while the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions are in place. As a TPASC member, you will share the same high-performance training space as Canada’s Olympic athletes.

CSIO’s space will share the same safety protocols as our fitness centre along with some additional restrictions in order to keep you and others safe while exercising. The CSIO space will operate at a capacity of 10 members for 1-hour timeslots on an appointment-only basis. You may sign up for the CSIO space the same way you would for our Fitness Centre. It is important to note that CSIO’s high-performance training space is unlike any commercial gym you may be accustomed to. For this reason, we recommend that members using the space have at least 3-years of resistance training experience.

The CSIO space will include:

  • 5 Power Rack Stations
  • 2 Olympic Weightlifting Platforms
  • 2 Squat Stands
  • 1 Functional Space including:
    • Assorted Dumbbells, Benches, assorted Kettlebells, Weight stack machines

When accessing the CSIO space, you will follow the same entry protocol as you would the Fitness Centre. When you arrive, you will wait at the track doors and be signed in by a FC staff to the CSIO along the track. While in the space please follow the same Fitness Centre guidelines to a safe workout, these guidelines will also be posted around the facility. When you wish to leave the space, you will exit the same way you arrived in through the track entrance.

A time limit of 30-minutes will be assigned to each ‘station’ at which point if another member wishes to use a space you must vacate the station. It is asked that you clean your station promptly for the next user. Please see the detailed floor plan diagrams around the facility for guidance about the available stations.

Please enjoy your time in CSIO! Remember, it takes all of us to stay safe.

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    Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre Member, U of T Scarborough

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  • Fees

    Additional fees apply without Membership (Included with TPASC or UTSC Membership)

  • Entrance

    To access the CSIO space you will enter through the track entrance and turn right at the control desk. You will continue along the track to the garage door adjacent to the track sprint lanes and enter the space from there.

Upcoming Schedule

Not currently being offered.