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Subanki S


My venture into personal training evolved from my personal experiences with the profound impact of exercise on my life. During my high school years and during bachelor’s in health sciences at Ontario Tech University, I discovered how physical activity significantly improved my focus and attention in school, boosting both my academic performance and overall well-being. One experience in my personal fitness journey that has inspired me to pursue personal training was experiencing the noticeable difference that exercise had on my overall joint movement, quality and range of motion and how this has significantly impacted my performance in my activities of daily living. I am truly passionate about using my extensive knowledge in the field of kinesiology to educate my clients with the best available research on how to implement exercise to improve joint movement quality. 


  • Masters of Professional Kinesiology, University of Toronto (Pending)
  • BHSc (Hons in Kinesiology, Ontario Tech University)


  • Canadian Red Cross CPR/First Aid, AED
  • CANFITPRO Personal Training Specialist 

Recreation Items

Group Fitness Class


Upcoming: 11:10 am on Sunday, July 21st, 2024

Group Fitness Class

Total Body

Upcoming: 7:10 pm on Monday, July 22nd, 2024