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Katerina E

Katerina is a personal trainer licensed with CanFitPro. She has trained nationally as a rhythmic gymnast and has had experience with boot camps, specializing in weight loss and endurance training.  Her training philosophy centers around the idea that you become what you visualize through concentrating on exactly what you want to achieve. This method of training gives motivation and promotes better work ethic. Since flexibility training is highly under promoted in the gym environment, Katerina puts effort into getting her clients to balance muscle gain and flexibility, which allows for beautiful posture with maximum mobility, making everyday activities (or yoga classes) a breeze.

Katerina’s approach to training is from the inside out. First, she considers an individual’s posture, which is affected by imbalances on the inside and can prevent people from moving the way they want to and should on the outside. Second, she helps her clients understand fitness and health begins on the inside and changes in the outward appearance will come when the inner thoughts are in a healthy place.

“Earned, not given.” – Katerina

  • Certified Personal Training Specialist (Can-Fit-Pro)


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