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Active Agers On Weights
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Active Agers On Weights

Active Agers On Weights is a full body workout in the Fitness Centre that includes core. Feel confident as you work your way around the weight machines under the guidance of a certified trainer. This class will include instruction on how to use the machines and a standard workout plan for the group so you can easily track your progress and watch your strength improve. 

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    Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre Member, U of T Scarborough

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  • Fees

    Additional fees apply (Not included with TPASC or UTSC Membership)

  • Note:

    This class is capped at 15 participants. Due to the progressive nature of the class and small group size there is an additional cost to participate. For more information and registration please email Olivia at

    Current Fall Block (October 2 - December 18th) is FULL.

    Registration for the Winter Block (January 15 - March 18th) will begin January 6th.

Upcoming Schedule

Not currently being offered.