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Fitness App Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

Where to find the App

The App can be downloaded from Apple iOS and Android App Stores

Do I still need the other app?

We will eventually be phasing out the other Mobile App. Currently both apps will be functioning.

Creating a Client Account

Logging in

After a successful login, the App will ask personalized data information such as:

  • Connecting to your Devices Health App
  • Gender (Male or Female)
  • Weight (Lbs or Kgs)
  • Height (Centimetres or Feet, Inches)
  • Age

This information is requested to personalize the experience in the app, and to assist with users reaching their fitness goals.

App Package Options

What is the difference between Free & Pro

The free option is open to all users. We encourage you to download and use our app and hope that it can assist in your fitness growth. All users will have access to make their own workouts, and some free workouts that are created by our fitness trainers. If you'd like access to even more workouts, you have the option to upgrade to Pro. This will give you access to more exercises and more workouts, as well even more reporting.

Free includes:

  • Sample workouts from all trainers.
  • Ability to build your own workouts
  • Track all of the fitness data in an app
  • Access to video portal (if member or purchased package)
  • Book fitness reservations
  • Connect wearables to track all fitness
  • Order Food
  • Add barcode to account

Pro includes:

  • More workouts including select home programs
  • More progress metrics
  • All exercises
  • More goals
  • Nutrition tracking which allows you to measure your food intake against your caloric burning from exercise

You may upgrade to Pro directly in the app by hitting "Become Pro"

What is Remote Coaching?

With Personal Coaching, you can choose one of our qualified trainers to build you a specialized fitness program that puts you in charge of your own fitness journey. These workouts will be tailored to you specifically while giving you the freedom to choose where and when you train. Your trainer will conduct an initial 30-minute virtual assessment, and follow up with 30-minute monthly check-ins. This is a 3-month minimum commitment, with option to cancel after.

What is Personal Training?

Choosing the right Personal Trainer is beneficial in successfully achieving individual fitness goals. TPASC Personal Trainers possess the necessary education in exercise prescription, fitness assessment and strength training required to provide optimal Personal Training services. Our trainers are capable at adapting to each of their clients’ needs while providing exceptional customer service. You will meet regularly with your trainer for 1-hour sessions either virtually, in-person or both, if you so desire. 

What is Barcode?

Similar to the barcode function in the old app, the new app allows users to add their barcodes to the app. If the user is a member, it will allow them to automatically add their barcode without needing to enter their membership card number. All other types of barcodes need two pieces of information. You can add a maximum of 4 barcodes to an account.

What is Traffic?

Shows general foot traffic in the facility at any given time. You can set to see the traffic at the Entrance or the Fitness Centre. This is updated in real time, and allows you to see historical data if you are wondering how busy the faclity is before you book your reservation.

What is Facility Schedule?

This shows the master schedule that’s also available on the website. 

What is "My Activities"?

My Activites is where all of your upcoming and previous history of workouts and exercises are located. It shows in calendar format of the activities that the user will be doing on this day or you can schedule work outs for future dates to come and it will show here. Anything scheduled by your trainer will be visible here. If you connect a wearable, this data will also be shown here.

What is "Workouts"?

This section is where you can build your own workouts, or select premade workouts from our Fitness Traniers. You can even take a premade workout and edit it so that is tailered for you by adding or deleting exercises. Exercises can also be edited such as sets, reps and rest times.  All exercises include an animation of how to perform the exercise.

What is "Reservations"?

The Reservations section allows you to book and view any type of reservations at the Centre. The first screen shows your booked reservations you’ve already booked or are waitlisted for from Today, Tomorrow and the Day After. You will have the ability to delete or cancel sessions through this same page up to two hours before your reservation. 

Clicking the plus button at the bottom right will bring you to the Sessions page where you can book sessions that are open to book or available for waitlisting. This page also gives you an immediate glance of how many spots are open in each session. 

This is the same information that is available in our Self-Service Portal at

What is "Community"?

This is a place to find other users at the facility. You can find friends and follow their pathway to fitness. Motivate each other and get messages directly from staff about updates in areas of interest.

What is Video Library

This gives members access to the TPASC video subscription.

This will only be available for active members, students and those who have a paid video access subscription. Subscriptions can be purchased directly in the app

What is Training Hub

Allows the user to upgrade services.

Also allows users to fill in a questionnaire that is attached to their profile so that trainers can see it.

What is Virtual Training

For members who have signed up for remote coaching or personal training. Can be able to have virtual meetings with their trainers. Members can also sign up for personal training if they are interested as well as purchase more sessions.

How do I adjust my Account Settings

Users can change their app settings through this section

  • Account – update account info (username, email, name, date of birth, gender, height, weight, wheelchair use, weight unit, distance unit)
  • Training – update aspects of training such as repetition ticker, voice feedback, sound effects, training details (default vs advanced) and their coach avatar
  • Notifications – enable/disable them, activity reminders, break reminders
  • Devices and Connections – connect app to different devices (I.e., Apple Watch, Fitbit) and apps (I.e., Health app)
  • Privacy - Adjust your privacy settings about who can see your profile and progress.
  • Help - Ask a question, Report an app problem, Request an app feature
  • Sync - Sync data with the server. A customer service agent may ask you to hit this to resync your account, or after you make a purchase
  • Logout - Deletes your data from the device and logs you out of the app

Order Food

The app allows users to order food for pick up in our food and beverage outlet. You can order at Poolsides, Pizza Pizza, Booster Juice and Prepared Meal Service. To order from Tim Hortons, please download the Tim Hortons App.

Order Food will be available once we reopen the Centre.

Where do I find the QR Code Scanner and what is it?

Within the app, there is a QR scanner, or with most phones you can use your camera. There are QR codes on some of our fitness machines. This will allow you to scan and find new workouts and ideas. On our LifeFitness treadmills, you can scan the QR code and it will add your workout to your account.

You can find the QR scanner by hitting My Plan on the bottom bar, and hitting the + button.

How do I connect to a Health App

Apple Health

To connect Apple Health with the Fitness app, follow the next steps:

Step 1: Go to the TPASC Fitness app and tap "Me" at the bottom right.

Step 2: Under Devices & Connections, tap on "Show all"

Step 3: Search for the Apple Health App and tap on "Settings"

Step 4: Tap on "Turn all categories on" or the right toggle next to the category

If you want to switch off the access, go to the Apple Health App:

> Sources > TPASC Fitness app > Turn all categories off

Google Fit

Step 1: Go to the TPASC Fitness app and click "Account" in the bottom right.

Step 2: Under Devices & Connections, click on "Set up connection"

Stap 3: Switch on the toggle next to Google Fit

If you want to check if it is connected correctly:

Go to the Google Fit app > "Settings" > “Manage connected apps

If you want to connect a third-party app e.g. Strava with TPASC Fitness, go to the Strava app and connect it with Apple Health or Google fit. Information will then sync through Apple Health or Google Fit to the TPASC Fitness app.