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Training Pool

The training pool is where most of the TPASC fitness member and community swimming takes place. It has two moveable floor sections that will adjust the depth up to level with the deck, allowing for adaptive programming. Modesty blinds are in place to cover all windows during Women's Only or special group training in the pool. AODA accomodations include 2 PAL lifts and a portable ramp for entry/exit from the pool.



  • Size

    52.06 metres x 25 metres
    10 lanes
    2.5 metres deep - can be adjusted to 0 metres deep

  • Exclusive Use Rental Price

    $32+HST per 50 metre lane per hour
    (minimum 1 lane)

    $16+HST per 25 metre lane per hour
    (minimum 2 lanes)

    * Additional fees may apply for events/commercial rentals

Upcoming Schedule

E.g., July 23, 2021