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The creation of a community strategy was identified as a priority in the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre Inc. 2016-2018 Strategic Plan.

The original Community Strategy was prepared in 2016 with consultation from the following groups: 

  • City of Toronto Parks, Forestry & Recreation
  • City of Toronto Social Development
  • University of Toronto Scarborough Athletics & Recreation 
  • University of Toronto Scarborough Partnerships 
  • East Scarborough Storefront
  • Boys & Girls Club of East Scarborough 
  • Scarborough Centre for Healthy Communities 
  • Catholic Cross-Cultural Services 
  • Mornelle Court 
  • Malvern Family Resource Centre 

The resulting community outreach initiatives and interactions with these same groups, schools and users over the past five years have enabled a better understanding of our surrounding community and their needs. 

The updated 2022 Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre Community Strategy also incorporates insights from the 2020 Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy. The resulting shift away from a focus on City Wards to “Priority Neighbourhoods” is based on updated Statistics Canada data from the 2016 census included in the Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy. The updated strategy also adds much-needed/requested programs to support groups and schools in Priority Neighbourhoods, which are classified as neighbourhood improvement areas and emerging neighbourhoods, as defined in the Toronto Strong Neighbourhood Strategy.

Community Strategy Goal

The goal of the community strategy is to provide programs that meet the physical activity priorities of the neighbourhoods served by the Centre, thereby fulfilling the mission to be recognized for providing world-class experiences in sport and recreation, for all, for life. 

Community Strategy Objectives

  1. To identify the sports and recreation priorities of the consumers living in neighbourhoods served by the Centre and use this information to create new programming.
  2. To participate in community events to build relationships with key stakeholders, connect with and engage potential users, drive consideration and trial for the Centre, and heighten the profile of TPASC as an integral part of the community.
  3. To create a story that highlights the programs and best practices we have executed with residents, schools and groups from the neighbourhoods served by the Centre.

View Full Community Strategy Document

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre Community Fund 

As part of the updated Community Strategy, a new community funding program is being launched in 2022 to allow groups & schools in Priority Neighbourhoods to access the Centre. Groups & schools that require financial assistance for existing Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre programs, or for programs they would like to facilitate at the Centre, will be able to apply for financial support from the Community Fund provided they satisfy the eligibility requirements and address the application criteria. Final funding decisions are based on the score the model calculates and assigns to the application, and available space and funding with input from the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre Community Sports Council.

The Community Fund will be financed through support for Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre Inc., new and existing corporate support, and individual financial contributions. 

Any business/individuals interested in becoming a financial contributor to the Community Fund are welcome to contact: 

Steve McCormack
Manager, Partnerships & Community Outreach
Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre