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2018 Volleyball Combine

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Our mission is to raise the standard for physical health in youth athletes, and help athletes to reach their athletic potential!


January 27th, 2018
2:00-7:00 pm
Ages 13-18
@ Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre


Type Cost Register
Individual Athlete $99 +HST



Team of 3 Athletes  $267 +HST



For team inquiries contact Michael Amoroso at 416-738-9154 or

What is it?

In partnership with The Sport Academy at Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre (TPASC), Mettle Sports Training (new Official LTAD Partners with the OVA), and The Legacy Coaching (Defining Athlete Identity) we will be executing a battery of tests, modules and talks for volleyball athletes between the ages of 13 and 18 years old. 

 The App 

All Athletes will be given access to the Volleyball Combine app, which will allow them to have their information logged in the cloud. From there, the data is confidential, and the athletes’ own to use to improve, set new goals and create programs with their club coaches, parents and strength & conditioning coaches. Athletes that attended the first Combine event will be able to compare their numbers, and track improvements. 

The Athletes 

Athletes will be grouped by age and gender, and taken through each area by one of our coaches- all members of the volleyball community, and from a variety of clubs/programs. These athletes will come from a variety of backgrounds and locations, and each station will be led by one of the S&C professionals from Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre, with another coach assisting in the data recording at each station. 

 The Combine 

The day will include the following tests: 

  • Vertical Testing of three different jumps 
  • Overhead Squat (Evaluated using Video Analysis) 
  • Medicine Ball Toss 
  • 5-metre/ 10-metre Sprints 
  • Lateral Agility T-Test (Team Canada Version) 
  • Exclusive Sessions with The Legacy Coaching’s founder, Vince Luciani 
  • Special Mettle Sports Training session with Jason McCullagh, Rory Kosonic & Steve Teel 
  • Static Measurements 
  • Body Composition Scale (optional, completed to start the day) 
  • Yo Yo Intermittent Recovery Test 

group shot of volleyball combine

The Environment 

The entire 200m indoor track at TPASC will be utilized, with a 50m stretch allocated for parents and spectators to observe. Designated VIPs from volleyball programs at post-secondary schools, club Technical Directors/Presidents, and professionals in the volleyball community will be able to observe from a closer distance (VIP badges are free of charge, however must be arranged with event management prior to the date). Club Coaches can also arrange VIP access. 

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