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Member Workshop

We offer a free healthy lifestyle themed workshop once a month to our facility members.  Come dressed to move! 

Life Balance/Making Time to Exercise
January 11
Do you think that you don’t have time to exercise?  Learn how you can make time for your health!  Are there time wasters in your day?  Define what a successful day looks like for you.  Look at your day from a new perspective.
Balance Training
February 8 
Good balance is necessary for sports, and fall prevention.  Discover if you have above, below or average balance.  Learn exercises to improve your balance and how to increase the level of difficulty.
Healthy Eating & Anti-Inflammatory Diet
March 8
Many chronic diseases are thought to start with inflammation in the body.  We will discuss healthy food choices and which foods and spices are currently thought to reduce inflammation and which foods to reduce or eliminate from your meals.  This session will be jointly presented with Fitness Center Supervisor, Jessica Au Yeung.

Exercise & Your Brain
April 12
You already know that exercise is good for you body.  Is exercise good for your brain as well?  Learn which exercises to choose to optimize brain functioning and help improve mood, depression, anxiety and help prevent dementia. 
Posture Perfect

May 10
This session will help you determine if you have perfect posture (standing, sitting and moving) or if some adjustments need to be addressed and how to maintain or improve it.  Learn exercises and stretches to make postural corrections to help decrease or eliminate neck, shoulder and back pain. 

Flexibility Training (Rolling & Stretching)
June 14
Moving through a full range of motion around each joint allows you to optimize power output and helps decrease your risk of injury.  Improve your flexibility with rolling and stretching.  Learn how to roll using a foam roller and tennis balls as well as how and when to stretch to feel more supple.

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