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Member Workshop

We offer a free healthy lifestyle themed workshop once a month to our facility members.  Come dressed to move! 

Breaking Through Plateaus
July 19 

Are you stuck in a workout rut; spinning your wheels without getting anywhere?  Discover how to break through plateaus to help you achieve success with your health and fitness goals. 

Where Did My Glutes/Buttocks Go?
August 16

One of the largest muscle groups in the body often goes underworked.  The Glutes are very important for activities of daily living, help alleviate hip discomfort and low back pain as well as playing sports.  Discover which exercises will help this muscle group get stronger.
Is HIIT/Interval Training For Me?
September 13

It’s not just for athletes.  Maximise your time and caloric burn with High-Intensity Interval Training!  Come and learn the benefits of utilizing this type of training and which ones are best for you.

Let's Get to The Core of Things!
October 11

Which muscles are considered part of your core?  Why do you need to work them?  Why shouldn’t you just do sit-ups?  Which exercises will help you achieve a strong core for everything you need to do in a day or play your chosen sport?
Become More Resilient/Stress Management
November 8

We all have stress—because we’re alive!  Find out what’s good about stress and how exercise can help control dis-stress.  Discover coping mechanisms to identify and deal with the negative stressors in your life.  Become happier and more resilient!
Live Your Best Life With Meditation
December 13

Meditation does not have to include spirituality or religion.  Making time for meditation is essential to your well-being.  If you’ve tried meditating in the past and given up in frustration or would like to enhance your current practice then this session is for you! 

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