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Masters Swim Club
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Masters Swim Club

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Come check out TPASC Masters! The priority of the program will be helping swimmers reach their individual goals by creating a fun, motivating, supportive team atmosphere that caters to a wide variety of swimmers. Anyone who can swim 1,000m or more in a single workout is welcome to join the team.

Many sessions feature 10 lanes of short course swimming which allows up to five workouts at once, while accommodating all types of athletes from triathletes, to cross trainers, to traditional Master’s swimmers, to people who are looking for an aquatic team atmosphere.

Most training sessions occur in the Competition Pool and are set up in short course format.

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    Additional fees apply (Not included with TPASC or UTSC Membership)

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    TPASC members - $1/year
    Non-member - $456/year ($38 a month)

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Not currently being offered.

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